A werewolf from one of the noble Hubwards Uberwaldian families, Vanya was disowned due to what his parents considered disreputable practices (i.e. hanging out-- and sometimes forming relationships with-- anyone who wasn't a pureblood werewolf). Vanya kicks around the countryside stealing chickens and picking up a living however he can. He was also previously in a relationship (like so many of the cast!) with Geier.


Vanya is 7', broad shouldered & strong with big hands. He has urly brown hair with amber eyes, sharp teeth, and a broad, sturdy build. His clothes are almost always wrinkly or disordered.


In a few words: Big, loud, jolly and overbearing (either can't "read the atmosphere" or just never bothers). Loves the ladies (and occasionally the gentlemen. He's not picky.), a good party and a good fight. Not necessarily in that order. Kind of lazy.