&nbsp As with any epic story, the "background" music of Orderly Chaos is integral to the characterization and mood of the action. The largest amount of musical attention is dedicated to character "theme songs", songs which lyrically and musically match the personality or story of a specific character.


Phoenix's fist ever theme, assigned between the Drakhen and Teatime adventure. Because she's short but she's healthy, she's poor and she's kind, and she knows that everything'll be fine, fine, fine.

A song about wanting more than the dull, than the mundane, than the ordinary -- wanting to be the crash rather than the jam -- seemed to suit our dimunitive firegirl nicely.


First theme song.

An accurate biography of Geier's life set to music.


  • I am Not a Pretty Girl - Ani Difranco


Original theme song, chosen in June 2010. Julian was the first character to gain a theme song.

Now his primary theme. It seemed suitable for an assassin


It's fun! It's Welsh! And technically, so is Gwydion.

Gwydion is also an accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right, and has composed several songs that bear interesting similarities to popular Roundworld tunes. (see Gwydion's Songs)