The Grünwaldstadt Adventure is a currently ongoing roleplay on the forum.

Plot SummaryEdit

Three years in Disc-time after the return from Roundworld, things are just settling down when Geier receives a mysterious message from his former kingdom Lagerdorf (now Grünwaldstadt) calling him to return and reclaim the crown from his tyrannical cousin Wilhelm von Grünwaldstadt. The group set off on an adventure to aid the Grünwaldstadt revolution and dethrone Wilhelm, collecting old and new friends along the way. Oh, and we meet Geier's ex-boyfriend (no, not Pan). Several of them, actually1.

1That is, several ex-boyfriends in general. Only two of them are Geier's ex-boyfriends.2

2And one of them is both Geier's ex-boyfriend and another character's ex-boyfriend. Only now they're3 back together. It's a long story.

3That is, the ex-boyfriend and the other character are back together. Because Geier is currently romantically attached to Phoenix4.

4Yes, I know he was supposedly gay, but don't ask. It's a really long story.

Returning CharactersEdit

New CharactersEdit


Approximate Number of Posts: 4512 (as of 08:42 AM GMT 12th January 2013)

Number of New Characters: We've really stopped counting by now.

Is Pan present?: Only in Geier's head

Are there vampires?: Yes. Always.

Are the vampires central to the plot?: Only certain ones.

Location?: Ankh-Morpork, Castle Hollental, Grunwaldstadt