Polite, introverted philosopher, whom, having lost his unlife to Pan, willed himself back into existence. Only to
Think harder by shewhoshines-d3edunq

Stefan looking understandably nonplussed, from the comic "Think Harder" by She Who Shines

have the gods try to remove this existence after an ill-worded wish for “peace”, which failed to remove Stefan from life but did remove all of the cast present to the Roundworld.


Definitely in the running for “most meek Chaoser”, Stefan is amongst the most rational of the Chaosers, as well as being one of the only cast members not to have had a significant emotional breakdown (be it morose or furious) at some point in the threads. However, he does have a well-hidden temper which has occasionally made itself known.


Grey. Very, very grey. Grey eyes, grey hair and only of middling height, Stefan’s most remarkable physical features are the silver scars which cover his wrists and neck, occasionally glowing. He maintains that, being a creature of belief these scars are caused by self-doubt, and as such are mostly legacies of Pan. His face is plain but pink-cheeked, his ears are a bit on the large side, and his build is frail.


Stefan has found unanimous acceptance amongst the other Chaosers, possibly because he has very few objectionable features.


His converter and eventual killer. Stefan did not see much of Pan during the threads before Pan himself was murdered. Understandably Stefan was rather relieved, being intimidated by the philandering vampire.

Geier von Engelmacher

Their relationship is fairly neutral, a surprising thing to anyone familiar with Geier. The one alarming note in their history (Stefan attempting to comfort a distraught Geier, who turned the gesture into a makeout session) led to an accusation of “sexual incontinence” thanks to the aforementioned vampire then becoming upset when Phoenix walked in on them. The relationship between Stefan and Geier has since remained platonic. On his part, Stefan enjoys Geier’s company when he is relatively calm, and feels attached to him due to being murdered by Pan for trying to defend him.