Hardly ever referred to by her full name, fellow OCers call her Shines or Shiney. Despite being one of the youngest Chaos RPers, SheWhoShines is a vetaran chaoser and the very first to post on the RP forum.


SheWhoShines, though she spent the first adventure and a half with one character (excepting NPCs and a cameo appearance of pre-retcon Draken, Theodore, and Riora), now has an extensive number of active and retired OCs.

Phoenix Shifter is SWS's preferred and first character. 'Finix' was a nickname she once used bowling and suited the fiery powers she bestowed upon her creation (albeit now with proper spelling). SheWhoShines was originally paranoid of her first character's Mary-Sue potential, but now feels confident in Phoenix's well-rounded personality.

Omnelle, originally brought in to meet Lupinus from a story posted on deviantART, is a retired character. She is the first carry-over personality SheWhoShines played, meaning Omnelle was not originally created for Orderly Chaos, but brought in from another world.

Theodore Rosefelt is SheWhoShine's favorite original character out of anyone she has ever created. He was introduced for a cameo. He returned upon popular demand and almost replaced Phoenix completely.

Lucia von Heidegger, introduced as 'The Dark One' or 'Lucy the Sorceress', was originally a plot device to return Akhemi (Sylphxpression's character) home. However, when the entire OC cast got stuck in a rut (that is, a library), she jumped in to get the story going again. Then she turned out to be Geier's mother.

Petra Stern used to be nameless. Thanks to Fanless, she got a brother and a backstory. SheWhoShines decided to bring her to life. Literally. Since she was dead. At the time.

Riora started out as 'a vampiress flirting with Julian' she couldn't resist RPing. Fleshed out, she is now a well known name and subject to much parody whenever Drakhen's Vampire Cult Drama Club is brought up.

Drakhen was the main villain of the first thread, though he bears little resemblance to his old self. Originally SheWhoShines did not want to play his character at all. However, ater some much needed retcon, she is incredibly happy to pick him up again for Nightworld.