Sébastien Guillaume Olivier
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January 14






Die Jägerpuppen

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Dark brown

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Antoine Laurent, brother (twin); Margot Juliette, sister

Sébastien is the second of the Jägerpuppen to appear in the Nightworld thread, as well as the second to be converted.


Early lifeEdit

Sébastien grew up in Quirm, in an upper-middle-class family. His love for language began here; as a child he learned Quirmian from his father, Morporkian from his mother and Uberwaldian at school. From an early age he excelled in school and was hailed as something of a prodigy.


Before encountering his current employer/lover, Sébastien taught as a professor of literature and languages at Thrasher's, a private boys' boarding school in Pseudopolis, from the time he graduated university with a master's degree in education.


Snappish and haughty most of the time, Sébastien is stubborn and short-tempered, although he constantly tries to rein it in and be urbane. He has a fairly misanthropic outlook, and rarely shows his feelings even for those he cares about.

The right circumstances, or even the right person, can crack his icy shell to reveal a quite passionate nature... but hardly anyone is the right person.


Sébastien favors dark-colored suits with plain white shirts and black Windsor ties, and is always tidy, with rarely a hair out of place. He has slightly more prominent fangs than is typical among vampires, and is somewhat self-conscious about this trait.

His glasses are his most prized possession: even though as a vampire with superhuman senses he no longer physically needs them, he considers them a reminder of his content former life and retains them as a shield between himself and a world he's repulsed and disturbed by-- and the darker, more bestial sides of his own psyche. When the glasses come off, so do the gloves, and so does the semblance of dignity and composure that he normally wears.


Geier von Höllental: Sébastien's feelings toward the head of the flock are conflicted, to say the least. His "programming" compels him to obey and sympathize with at all costs, but as a person von Hollental-- to use the scientific term-- gives him the creeps.

Riley Trover: Riley enjoys teasing Sébastien. Sébastien loathes the ground Riley walks on. It works out somehow.

Francis Codstone: Despite finding the second-youngest Jägerpuppe's neuroses and puppy-dog attitude distasteful, Sébastien keeps a watchful eye on Francis and takes responsibility for him. In return, Francis looks on him as a sort of big brother.

Universe Crossover QualitiesEdit

Sébastien also appears, along with Francis Codstone, in the original-characters-only forum Electrum City.