Piotr and petra by shewhoshines-d36l7rc

Piotr (left) with his older sister Petra, by She Who Shines.

Piotr makes his first major appearance in The Grünwaldstadt Adventure, although his name is mentioned briefly toward the end of The Teatime Adventure. He is a vampire (formerly human of Lancre) and a revolutionary of Grünwaldstadt, as well as a clacksman (he chose a life on the towers as an alternative to blood-drinking) and, embarrassingly, another ex-boyfriend(ish) of Geier von Engelmacher. He was also once a member of the Drakhenians, a cult of eccentric vampires who attempted to block out the sun to make the Disc more livable


Piotr has straight, thick ash-brown hair and dark blue eyes, and stands about 5'9"; he has wide shoulders and a slight limp (from a nasty fall off a few roofs that never quite healed right), long fingers and a straight nose. He dresses in plain clothes most of the time: white shirts, dark trousers with oxford shoes, no waistcoat or tie or suspenders. Covering his right cheek is a burn scar in the shape of a large gothic-font "D": a brand placed there by human Lancastrians who had suffered at the hands of the Drakhenians and took their anger out on Piotr when he attempted to return to his childhood home.



Piotr as a Scott Pilgrim character by the original KeT.

Always quieter than his older sister Petra, Piotr is shy, forgiving, and gentle to a fault; partly because he's self-conscious about his poor grasp of the Morporkian language, partly because he has a horror of being taken for the stereotypical domineering vampire. He is easily cowed or embarrassed, especially by shows of intimacy.

Despite having held brief relationships with at least two males, Piotr is extremely reluctant to accept his own sexual orientation and tries to avoid discussing anything even remotely relating to relationships in public (which is nearly impossible, as the Chaos cast is so large that within it one is in public practically all the time). He might also be the only non-kinky gay male in the cast.


Piotr is closest to his sister and trusts her with everything. He is friendly with the other rebels but tends to keep to himself. Recently his romantic relationship with Gwydion Gwener was rekindled (which no doubt will cause Geier some mixed feelings). He and Gwydion get along comfortably, despite the language barrier; with Gwydion, Piotr is more at ease than with anyone besides Petra.