Omnelle is a character played by She Who Shines.

Omnelle, sketched by She Who Shines.


Omnelle has gold-orange skin and huge round eyes with pupils that shrink and expand waaay too much for a regular person. She can see very well in the dark because of this. She has very, very short white hair - barely to her ears. It's flat and thick and whips about when she shakes her head. She's very short.


Omnelleas an attention span short enough to rival Mary and a curiosity to rival Phoenix. She is terribly over-emotional, and has a tendency to narrate her own life or make obvious observations - 'Rain! It is raining. Rain is wet. Rain is wet and I am running. I am running in wet rain!' L

She likes to label things 'pretty' or 'ugly'. She isn't really dumb or crazy; just very, very young and only starting to truly discover the world. She can identify what she sees due to a 'program' in her mind, but has to see it before she knows it.


Still to come. Please be patient!


She woke in a cellar to a funny man with big ears and a friendly smile, who turned out to be her creator. She's the epic science project of an overenthusiastic apprentice wizard. Unfortunately, creating a living, sentient being turned out to cause a lot of havoc in Collin's (her creator) school of magic, and for her safety he pushed her though dimensions to the discworld, where he hopes to collect her and get an A+ someday. That and have her company again, as he really does care about her.

No, really.