An Omnian priest collaborating with the Uberwaldean revolutionaries and the first known b-total vampire to have chosen religion as his raison d'être. The effects of holiness allergy and blood-replacement dependence seem to cancel each other out: Leviticus (popularly called Father Lev by his congregation) has so far failed to burst into flames despite spending most of his time inside a church around a large number of holy items, conducting prayer services (poorly), ect.


Like the traditional vampire Father Lev is gaunt, sallow-skinned and black-haired; being in a weakened state most of the time, however, he looks even sicklier than most undead with shadows under his gray eyes and shaky bandaged hands. He dresses in traditional black Omnian robes.


Leviticus is, for good reason, always frazzled. He gives the impression that he would like to be a more friendly, gregarious type but is always too fatigued to work up more than a halfhearted effort. He can be quite steely and regal when under pressure, but prefers not to (he dislikes conforming to the "noble vampire norm").

Before dedicating his unlife to Om Lev was heir to a noble vampire family, but his younger brother seized power and attempted to have both Lev and his sister assassinated. Lev barely escaped one attempt, which led him wounded to the Omnian temple he now resides in where the clergy took the scrapes on his hands to be stigmata and promptly claimed him as a miracle, accepting him into their number. (Lev doesn't dare admit that the wonds on his palms never close because the others keep wrapping them in blessed bandages: he's afraid they'll kick him out, and he fears he's unlikely to find another temple willing to take in a vampire. This plus the constant holy stress on his system has led him to alcoholism in quantities that would have long since killed anyone who wasn't mostly immortal.)