The characters of Orderly Chaos have generated many memorable quips, misspeakings and lines over the years. Here, in no particular order, are a few of the authors' favorites.


The First Adventure

"I do not"

“If you want decent coffee get someone who isn't an alchemist to make it.”

“Thank you. I have a certain skill with language - I warp it unintentionally.”

The Teatime Adventure

"There's nothing wrong with my body! Whoops. Not the right thing to scream in a building full of celibate men."

'Oh? Suddenly your mental state makes so much sense, if in the one relationship you've been in loss of blood counted as flirtation.'

The Grunwaldstadt Adventure

"Been taking subtlety lessons from Vanya, have you?"


The First Adventure

"Speaking of focusing, could we possibly stop standing around in the street in, um, broad daylight before narrative convention kicks in and someone spots us and shouts 'You there! Hold it right there!' or something along those lines?"

"Apparently your friend speaks 'clink-clink-clink'. Ah, the language of gold. Everyone's fluent."

"At least we'll have time to put my leg back on. Right? I didn't fancy hopping into a dark sorceress's tower."


The First Adventure

"Besides, right now we've got three vampires and someone who looks like a journalist sitting here. It's probably not you who's unnerving anyone; it's the combination.”

"There's some cute blond with a crossbow here! You need to be alert!"

"I'm not a fire demon! Didn't I already tell you that?"

The Teatime Adventure

"You're all mad. But in a good way."


The Grunwaldstadt Adventure

"Vhy did you ezplode?! Do you do zat ovten, or vot?!" To Gwydion, after he exploded.

Lewis CandlesmithEdit

The Teatime Adventure

"Oh no! More man-flirts. And I thought my old football team was bad."


The Grunwaldstadt Adventure

"You like biting because it's like kissing, only there's a winner." To Gwydion, in the period of time when she was a bit more mad.

"Everything's as it should be." After Geier has just been possessed by Pan's spirit. Again.

"Peanuts." Repeatedly.


The Grunwaldstadt Adventure

"Were you there to see milord carry my head out on the blade of his sword, Miss Kandinsky?"


The Grunwaldstadt Adventure

"Never thought I'd expllode again. That's twice so far." After exploding, and then floating back together.

"Oh, hi Dandi. Care to expllain to me why the fuck I explloded?!" A short time after the above quote.



"Homophones. I never did like them." On why he can't bear to say the word 'steak', despite still being able to eat raw meat.


The Teatime Adventure

"I want my million million candies!"

The Roundworld Adventure

"I loooooooooooooooooooooove pretty lights! Pretty lights are pretty."


"Most Chaos vampires take strolls in the sunlight snacking on Garlic and holymen's blood while drinking holy water in a slurpy cup singing "Praise the Lord!" on their way to church."


"I should not have found that so funny."