Fanless, Summer 2015

Fanless, Summer 2015.

Fanless - a self-portrait

A self-portrait, which is now old as balls.

Fanless is awesome.

If you want more information than that, she's also the administrator of Orderly Chaos. She started it all. Oh, and she's also known as Candy (from her deviantART username, candyexorcist.)

She is a full-time student, enjoys reading, writing and drawing, and many things eccentric, including small ruffly hats and psychotic assassin duos.


Fanless has RPed as many characters, including:

  • Julian Halfway
  • Thomas Peacock
  • Lydia "Sister Lola" Wording
  • Geier von Engelmacher (born Erik von Heidegger)
  • Karl Ernst von Heidegger
  • Julian "Julio" Ortiz
  • Eric Heidegger
  • Wilhelm von Grünwaldstadt
  • Klaus Ravi
  • Victor Stanis
  • Piotr Stern
  • Jeremy Carrickson
  • the Jägerpuppen
  • Geier von Hollental


Candy is an excellent admin. If you didn't know, she'd seem like just an ordinary member. Except for the symbol by her post. And the fact that it says FANLESS'S FORUMS at the top of page. And 'Administrator: Fanless' at the bottom. Yes, except for all of that, she seems like a normal RPer.