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The First Adventure

The Teatime Adventure

The Roundworld Adventure

The Grünwaldstadt Adventure

The Nightworld Adventure

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Castle Höllental



Formidable GroupsEdit

Vampires Bite Back: The Vampire Cult Drama Club/The Dräkhenians

The Resistance

The Jägerpuppen

The RPers


(in order of appearance)

Emily "Phoenix" Shifter, the spunky sweet farmgirl with fire powers and a subconscious death wish.

Julian Halfway, the former assassin and zombie with detachable body parts.

Mysterious Cloaked Figure, the cloak with a figure mysteriously related to one Mary Garmin.

Cassandra Larimar, the manic vampire alchemist with combustion issues who can't help herself around Geier.

Albus Weiss, the cool, charming white haired pretty boy whose name translates to 'White White' in Latin and German respectively.

Thomas Peacock, the charming cockney priest with freckles and a crossbow. An' he ain't 'fraid ter use it, mate.

Lydia "Lola" Wording, the well-meaning former stripper and aspiring actress turned witch in training.

Petra Stern, the down-to-disc Uberwaldian who can see into your sooooooouuullll.

Mary Garmin, the eccentric millionaire with a long sword and the attention span of a m-- OOH! A PRETTY FLOWER!

Akhemi, the psychopathic tengu (or werebird, as he is sometimes called) Assassin/bodyguard from Roundworld who doesn't belong to Orderly Chaos alone buy Sammy Apocalyptic the graphic novel when it comes out DO IT DO IT DO IT.

Lupinus, the manufactured sentient being whose ignorance and innocence is only matched by his superhuman strength.

Bonnie Euryale, the bad-girl, crack-shot gorgon with contacts again with the Sammy Apocalyptic buying do it DO IT DO IT.

Geier von Engelmacher (born Erik von Heidegger), the magnificently immature, sadomasochistic man-chasing pretty-boy vampire prince with pink braces who lugs around four swords whenever he can get away with it. Any questions?

Rockelle Isolde Rathina Olivia Alyssa (more commonly known as Riora, her initials), the pouty and childish vampress who loves nothing more than her vlowers.

Lord Pan, the currently deceased sadistic self-appointed Vampire Sex God who likes to seduce, vampirize and eventually murder anyone who strikes his fancy.

Theodore Rosefelt, a snarky old vaguely homophobic farmer in a vampire's body with protectiveness issues.

Lord Drakhen, the eccentric vampire thespian who loves nothing more than theatre and playing host.

Declan Dun, the shy, gentle priest who can't say no.

Omnelle, the artificial human with a big heart and an insatiable curiosity.

Karl Ernst von Heidegger, the easygoing but somewhat strained former King of Lagerdorf.

Lucia Marianna Lagerdorf von Heidegger, the snobby, bold, and honorable former Queen of Lagerdorf and present Sorceress.

Stefan Kedon, a shy thinker and book lover who adores philosophy.

Lewis Candlesmith, the winged humanoid with an exasperated air.

Lewis Carrellan, the handsome and microchip-enhanced equal-opportunity playboy from another world. Literally.

Misery, a thief from the future.

Taki, a healer from another world.

Crystal, a somewhat elvish magic worker with the ability to shift forms into that of a dragon.

Jeremy Carrickson, a calm, witty butler who is not...quite...human.

Elda, a roguish maid who wants to make her own fortune.

Piotr Stern, a withdrawn vampire with confidence issues and a super cute accent.

Vanya P. Dushenin, a jolly and jovial werewolf with a booming laugh and daunting stature.

Gwydion Gwener, a former wizard with a literally commanding voice.

Benjamin "Benny" Skits, an adorable and fidgety wererabbit messenger.

Freidel Heinretta Lagerdorf von Grunwaldstadt, a self- conscious former queen with the Lagerdorf ferocity and pride buried somewhere down in there.

Wilhelm von Grunwaldstadt, an illegitimate child of Pan and tyrant King with a calm, cool demeanor and tack-sharp mind.

Odette, a devious and bubbly cutie with big plans for the future.

Victor Stanis, an insatiable, untrustworthy power climber with a winning smile.

Dandi Leona Clocks, a bonkers seer that looks like a dandelion clock.

Father Leviticus Alessandro Boris (ect.) von Schwarzberg, a drawn, slightly frazzled vampire priest who sometimes questions the wisdom of choosing religion as his b-total obsession.

Amelia Kandinsky, a Yennork revolutionary notable for her determination.

Five Star, an unusually human-like golem.


Fanless, the admin.

Child of the Ocean, the newbie.

Duchess-Susan, the obsessive.

She Who Shines (often shortened to "Shiney", with or without the E), the always-online.


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