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Please note that although this is a Discworld RP, in this case 'Death' refers to the termination of life and not the Grim Reaper character we all know and love.

Death in Orderly Chaos can be quite complicated. This page is here to summarise the mindfuck extremely confusing mess.

The process of death, out-of-universeEdit

For a minor character with no profile to die, an RPer may simply post something along the lines of 'Phoenix burnt the evil soldier to ashes'.

For a character who has actually been RPed before to die, the process is a little more complex. The RPers representing the murderers and the murdered both have to agree on how, when and where it will happen, how long it should be dragged out for, when both of them will be online long enough to RP a realistic death scene, etc.

The undeadEdit

Vampires and zombies (werewolves don't really count for this purpose) - beings that should have died, and are technically dead, but still have a continuing sentient existence. An example would be Francis Codstone, who died when he was bitten and then continued his 'unlife' as a vampire.

Often there are methods of disposing with the undead for good, such as fire.

The end...?Edit

Death is meant to be the end of a life (or unlife, as the case may be). However, in Orderly Chaos this tends to be the exception rather than the rule. Characters remain as ghosts, alternate personalities locked in the minds of others, and the like.