"I'm Dandi Leona Clocks. I'm mad."

Dandi Leona Clocks

First introduced in the Grünwaldstadt Adventure.


Dandi had a normal life up until her fifth birthday. At a friend's birthday party, a wizard came to perform. However, the spell went disastrously wrong, and a lot of magic was vented into the surrounding, resulting in an exploding birthday cake and walking presents. Unfortunately, Dandi took the blast, and the magic allowed her to see the past, the future and the possible. The problem with this is that it is basically infinity, since anything was possible, so she went mad.

She was disowned by her parents, and for ten years made money by telling people their future (accurately, unlike most fortune-tellers) and creeping people out (for pay; like a kissogram, but with scaring instead of kissing).

At the age of 15, she popped up behind Gwydion Gwener as he was boarding a coach with several other characters, and identified Piotr Stern based on what she would know. She quickoly managed to get a place on the coach. Upon arrival, she foresaw several clacks messages coming through, muttered consistently about peanuts, and swore (see Character Mishaps). It is around this time that she managed to tell the whole group about Gwydion's biting fetish.


Dandi has frizzy white-blonde hair, pale skin and grey eyes. She is almost skeletally thin, and dresses in plain clothes normally. Her nose is small, and her chin is pointy. At first glance, she puts people in mind of a dandelion clock.


To sum it up in one word: bonkers. Dandi is completely bonkers. She constantly mutters about the past, the future and the possible, jumping from one subject to another. She has several uncanny habits: she tends to identify people she's just met with what she will learn, she finishes sentences before others can, and she gives people gentle nudges in the right direction (for example, 'reminding' Gwydion Gwener about his future). Although she appears innocent, she is most definitely not - she sings songs about enjoying murder, and apparently knows enough swears to write a dictionary.