Crystal appears only in The Roundworld Adventure. She is a human/dragon hybrid from the same world as Taki.


Crystal is petite, with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes that turn red when she is angry.


Shy and clumsy, this seemingly normal female isn't prone to making friends the first time they meet her, for the strange "vibe" makes it awkward for them to carry a conversation. She prefers to be by herself or with people who have her type of personality. If Crystal likes a person enough, she will draw pictures of them for presents but her shy nature with holds her from actually -giving- them to the person, so she'll leave them for a person to find. Usually seen with a piece of charcoal and parchment in hand or an easel with brush. If anyone is to make her mad though, they should probably fear for their life. Likes reading, sweet and sour foods (mainly fruit), painting, helping others when they're in trouble, flying for short distances, eating cake and traveling.


Always the "freak", this young blonde was teased and tortured by what she thought was her most trusted family members and friends. It got so bad she ran away and started to travel on her own but having little to no expirience, got into a lot of scrapes and scraps until it felt like life wasn't worth living anymore. Being sold out to a man who did expiraments on humans, Crystal was put under extreme pressure in a new genetics process the man was trying. When it succeeded, he praised her but when it failed, he kicked her to the curb, bleeding and barely able to stand on her own two legs. A couple passing by took her in and taught her the art of seeing everything with beauty, no matter how ugly it seemed in the first place. She became a slightly skilled painter and artist, but still needed work so within a few months of being healed, took her skills to the road, saying goodbye to the couple and even painted them a picture as a present. Now she wanders freely, trying to remember what the couple taught her but in this type of's not really helpful.