"Yes, Miss Larimar-- wererabbit! Hide the carrots!" Theodore Rosefelt

Benjamin Skits is a character introduced in The Grünwaldstadt Adventure. He is possibly the only were-rabbit on the Disc, and certainly the first to be recognized as such. The rest of the cast meets Benjamin in Ankh-Morpork at the beginning of their journey to Grünwaldstadt, as he is delivering invitations to the royal wedding on special commission from Princess Odette.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Benjamin is an albino, therefore having white hair (shorter than currently fashionable in his case), pink irises and very pale skin. To make up for his lack of coloring he wears bright patterned clothes. Unfortunately these have the opposite of the desired effect by making him look even paler; a lot of people think he is a zombie at first glance. He is tall and bony with the gaunt look of someone who used to be chubby but shot up and lost a lot of weight quickly, which is exactly what he did when he hit puberty. Benjamin is almost always eating or moving except when asleep (which he is frequently), and has plenty of nervous tics. He is 26 years old, but looks much younger.


As a rule Benjamin is quite timid and mild and always seems rather nervous and twitchy, not to say jumpy. He likes gentle people, but excitable types worry him, as do people who move quickly. In general he resembles a rabbit in constitution. He speaks fussily and formally. He is afraid of most large animals. His favorite food is raw vegetables (Benjamin cannot bear to eat meat and has only done so once by accident).


His mother was bitten by an Igor's experiment whilst carrying him. Oddly enough she suffered none of the side effects her son picked up (read: rabbit-like characteristics and the ability to transform into a rabbit whenever he likes as well as at the full moon). Originally from Sto Helit, Benjamin moved to Ankh-Morpork to further his career after graduating school (originally he had a scholarship to the Assassins' Guild college but was turned down in light of his "medical condition"), and is employed as a scrivener in an unnamed legal office.